Progressive Leaders Endorse Patricia Torres Ray



Senator Melisa franzen

"Senator Patricia Torres Ray is the right choice to represent the diverse voices in CD5.  Her conviction, vision, and dedication to public service has earned my admiration and respect. She is a problem solver, a strategist and a true progressive. Her tenacity and ability to bring people together is exactly what we need in a leader in these trying political times. She says what needs to be said and has the courage to do what needs to be done. Her hard work for equity in education, health care for all, the environment, and immigrant rights cannot be understated. Patricia’s record on key issues clearly reflect the shared values of CD5."



"Leading with her fierce love for justice and a compassion that gives us hope, Senator Torres Ray will bring the authentic and experienced voice of a highly respected immigrant leader from our 5th Congressional district communities to the halls of Congress.  Having served 12 years in the Minnesota Senate, effectively fighting for DACA, GLBTQ rights, and educational equity are just a few of the critical social and economic justice battles Patricia is already fully prepared to lead in Washington, D.C. -- let's send her!"



"Please know of my strong support for Patricia Torres Ray to be elected your next champion in the U.S, House. I have known Patricia for many years, first as a citizen advocate for children at the legislature, and then as an elected Senator who works to make social and racial justice a reality for Minnesota. She is a brilliant, honorable and experienced warrior who will proudly and assertively represent your hopes and values. I know she will work fiercely along side of you to make our nation a prosperous and dignified place where opportunity is real for all of us."



"I enthusiastically support Senator Patricia Torres Ray’s campaign to represent CD 5. She is a strong voice for those who often cannot speak for themselves. Senator Torres Ray has stood up to leadership and defended the right to protest and object to atrocities committed by some of our citizens and our trusted public servants. She works tirelessly for the rights of immigrants to seek and find refuge in our state. Senator Torres Ray is a strong advocate for women finding their voices in the political realm. I am proud to call her friend and colleague."



"Patricia’s voice is strong and clear – for our immigrant brothers and sisters – working for economic justice and an end to poverty – pushing for single payer healthcare – demanding educational opportunities for all – addressing climate change and securing environment justice. When Patricia speaks, she appeals to the heart. She challenges the political establishment to come see and hear those who have been trampled on and left behind. Even when the odds are long and those with money and power are almost certain to win, Patricia persists in speaking truth to power. And that persistence pays off. In Washington, Patricia will be a much-needed voice of conscience. She will hold fast to her values – our values – and never stop fighting for justice."




"My unequivocal support goes to a woman with a strong track record of dedicated leadership, integrity, passion for justice, and experience challenging the status quo. That woman is Patricia Torres Ray, the first Latina Senator in Minnesota history.

Patricia stood by me when others were afraid or unwilling to support an outspoken black woman running for office. I watched her make phone calls, organize, and help my team rise to a new level during the campaign. I saw Patricia not just talk about sisterhood and her care and concern for communities of color, but to demonstrate it through action, the use of her political capital, her brilliance, and her commitment. Patricia is one of the few political leaders that I trust. She is the real deal. It is my honor to endorse her in this election."



"Patricia has the experience under her belt and is ready to lead the fight for the people of CD5 in Congress. Patricia has a trajectory of fighting for affordable housing, quality public education, health equity, environmental justice, GBLTQ rights, women and workers and immigrant rights. As a municipal public servant, it is important for me to partner with somebody that understands the important and powerful role that local government plays in protecting integrity and dignity of immigrant families. I strongly support Patricia Torres Ray to represent the people of the 5th Congressional District in Minnesota."


former senate majority leader

larry pogemiller

"As a colleague in the Minnesota State Senate, I found Patricia extremely knowledgable, hardworking, and effective. She is humble and understated, never seeking the limelight for herself, but rather getting work done and building coalitions while often giving credit to others. Patricia is a proven progressive leader, and she will continue the hard work that needs to get done as our next Congresswoman!" 

Winona at Standing Rock (1).jpg

environmental activist and leader,

winona laduke

PATRICIA: Winona has fought tirelessly for the protection of our environment, our water, and indigenous lands. Her philosophy has always put people first, especially when their Earth — their lifesaver — has been threatened. I am honored to have worked alongside her to protect vulnerable communities, and as your next Congresswoman, I will continue to stand arm and arm with her and our Indigenous community against the Line 3 oil pipeline, and to protect sacred lands.


Hennepin county commissioner peter


"Patricia is time-tested and has a record of making real progress in bringing resources and reforms to our community.  From improving support for underserved children in our schools, to just this year leading the effort to secure more than $10,000,000 to build a new facility for victims of sex trafficking. I believe she has the combination of passion and experience that will serve CD 5 best in Congress." 

unnamed (4).jpg

Vice chair of bloomington public

schools nelly korman 

"For several years, Senator Patricia Torres Ray has worked very hard for all communities across Minnesota. She has fought for social and racial justice, public education, health care, gender equality, and more.   She introduced a resolution to continue DACA , and she also helped Minnesota Legislation pass same sex marriage.  Patricia has empowered women of all ages to actively participate in their communities, and has been an inspiration and guide for many elected officials in the state.  She has advocated for children and for seniors.  She is a strong leader with experience, who is ready to make a bigger impact at the local and federal level. I believe in Senator Torres Ray and support her for U.S. Congress. We need a woman with experience in Washington, and Patricia Torres Ray is that woman. She is ready!" 


Luz María Frías, J.D.

Race Equity Strategist 

“For over 12 years, Patricia has consistently championed race equity, women’s rights, and social justice.  She is a consensus builder with a proven record of reaching across the aisle.  Patricia’s experience, values, and determination are what Minnesotans need in Washington D.C.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 2.29.31 PM.png

PAULA COLE, Dir. of Richfield Board of Education  

"I support Patricia Torres Ray to represent us in Congress because of her proven legislative track record as a progressive representative who has elevated the voices of people who are often silenced. Patricia is a fearless leader who can be trusted to do the right thing even when she knows that she might be standing alone fighting for what is right. Patricia has the experience, the energy, and the will to be a strong voice in Washington DC advocating for her constituents in CD5, while also proposing legislature that would benefit the Country as a whole."


Leaders of the African American Community 

Please read the full letter of support here. Signers include:

Dr. Josie Johnson

Bill English

Ezell Jones

Brenda Johnson

Ravi Norman

Richard Copeland

LaDonna Redmond

Titilayo Bediako

Jettie Ann Hill

Reva Chamblis

Mona Langston

Lutunji Abram

Kim Ellison

Sharon Sayles Belton

Lea Hargett

Tim Baylor

Pastor Brian Herron

Rev. Dr. Nekima Levy Armstrong

Dr. Sheila Ards

LaJune Thomas Lange


Progressive Organizations Endorse Patricia Torres Ray

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The editorial board of Sun Newspapers  endorses Patricia!

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Duluth for Clean Water endorses Patricia!

Duluth for Clean Water endorses Patricia!

League of Latino Educators endorses Patricia!

League of Latino Educators endorses Patricia!

The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe endorses Patricia!

The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe endorses Patricia!