Ready. Proven. Progressive. 

Patricia Torres Ray is running for Congress as a voice for progressive democracy. She has a 30-year record of consistent dedication to public service and social justice, and passing key bills during the past decade to advance education, health care, housing, economic and environmental policy. She has worked at the grassroots level as well as participated in efforts to influence national and foreign policy, promoting women’s leadership, human rights and fair commerce.

Martin Sabo brought in support from the Federal Government to deliver on some of the most important projects like infrastructure for CD5. Keith Ellison was able to energize the base and deliver a demographic victory by building coalitions strong enough to carry the vote. Patricia Torres Ray can naturally do both.

  • First Latina elected to office in Minnesota.

  • Patricia Torres Ray has been intentional about recruiting women of color to run for office. Encouraging and supporting women of color and indigenous women like Senator Melisa Franzen, Nelly Korman, Maria Regan Gonzalez, Paula Yale Cole, Nekima Levy-Pounds, Alberder Gillespie,  Iris Altamirano among many others to run for office and advance their professional careers.

  • She authored 125 legislative proposals in her first term and was vocal about pushing the Senate to go further on minimum-wage efforts.

  • She authored the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights to protect homeowners facing foreclosure. The bill passed the Senate despite opposition on the part of some large banking institutions and Patricia Torres Ray was key in moving the legislation forward by promoting bipartisan support.

  • Authored a bill to reform limited English proficiency (LEP) policy that transformed English proficiency policy in the state of Minnesota.

  • Worked on a mentorship pilot project in the Minneapolis public schools that supported ninth-grade Latinas. The girls got together regularly to talk about homework, jobs, tutoring, family life and the challenges of excelling in high school.

  • Senator Torres Ray designed the distribution of legacy funding her leadership assignment as a Chair of Parks and Trails. Including funding to protect 187, 277 acres  of forest land in north-central Minnesota.

  • Chair and Founder of the Latina Elected Officials Caucus of NHCSL, the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators.

  • Raised over $100,000 for Pres. Barack Obama in 2008 by galvanizing the Latinx Community.

  • Passed LEAPS ACT that transformed the way educators, policymakers, higher ed and employers close the achievement gap of English Learners by elevating the importance of multilingual ability.