Public Education

We MUST do everything within our power to protect our public education system and halt Betsy DeVos’ plans for privatization. Public education is the bedrock of our democracy. The top 20% controls over 80% of our country’s wealth, and this economic divide is directly related to racial, socioeconomic, and geographic inequities in access to education. As I have been for 12 years in the Minnesota Senate, I will be a champion for increasing funding for all levels of public education and for implementing federal education policies that tie funding decisions directly with the pursuit of delivering excellence in education outcomes for all students.


I have been fighting for over 30 years to stop family separations, protect the rights of our immigrant communities, and advance policies that create economic opportunities for both our immigrant population and for our state's and nation's overall economy. We must act swiftly and decisively to address the immediate family separation crisis at the border, as well as work diligently to implement a robust long-term immigration policy that restores the rights of DACA recipients, affords strong protections for refugees and undocumented immigrants, and embraces immigration and immigrants as vital assets to our nation's social fabric and economic future.

Climate Change

Climate change is the moral and policy issue of our time. Climate change is about more than just the environment. It is and will increasingly be one of the biggest threats to our state's and nation's economic vitality and a critical factor in human migration and conflict globally. Here in Minnesota and across the country, state and local governments have been making commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to move away and divest from fossil fuels, and to invest in our clean energy economy. But these efforts are now being severely undermined by our current Federal Government and its commitment to enriching the oil and gas industry at the expense of our communities' health, our precious natural resources, the sovereign rights of our indigenous neighbors, and the future of our economy. I will work in Washington to ensure to restore our nation's commitments to fighting climate change and will push an aggressive framework for approaching all areas of policy decision-making--including trade, infrastructure, energy, transportation, jobs, and others--through a lens of sustainable growth.


Every person should be able to get the healthcare they need when they need it. Families shouldn’t choose between putting food on the table and seeing a physician. Families shouldn’t fear bankruptcy over astronomical bills. Families shouldn’t wonder if they can afford the treatment their children need. In Congress, I’ll fight for single-payer, universal healthcare, pre-existing condition coverage, mental healthcare, children’s healthcare (including funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Plan), and women’s healthcare. Further, I believe a woman’s right to choose is fundamental to her physical and mental health and I will fight to ensure reproductive autonomy is preserved.

Gun Safety

Gun violence is one of the most solvable problems facing this country. Common sense gun laws around background checks, inaccessibility for those with domestic abuse or violent misdemeanor convictions, treating and researching guns as a public health issue, and ensuring funding for mental health treatment are straightforward, proven ways to address the proliferation of gun deaths. As your Congressperson, I will be an ally and a fighter for common sense gun laws that protect all of us from senseless terror and loss.


Investing in the Middle Class

Instead of giving tax breaks to the wealthiest individuals and businesses in our country, I believe we should be alleviating the financial stress of the middle class. As a Minnesota State Senator, I fought banks to pass the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights and protect homeowners facing foreclosure. As a U.S. Congressperson, I will fight for the middle class and investments in education, healthcare, infrastructure, and the economy.  

Lifting Communities

When our underserved communities succeed, we all succeed. Minnesota faces steep opportunity gaps and we see the same issues play out on the national stage. I’ve been a fighter for increasing the minimum wage, mentoring students of color, increasing awareness and education around multilingual ability, and more. I work alongside marginalized communities every day and stand by emerging leaders when they run for office themselves. As your next congressperson, I will continue my work as a champion for voices that need to be heard in Minnesota and Washington.